MEJ, a Filipino musician and artist based in Dubai, delves into the exploration of human boundaries, perception, belief systems, and denials through his creative work. With a rich background spanning 14 years in the creative field, MEJ has developed a unique style that seamlessly merges traditional and contemporary techniques, often "breaking the rules" challenging conventional approach to produce visually striking and thought-provoking pieces.
MEJ's work has garnered international recognition, with features and exhibitions at prestigious events and venues such as World Art Dubai, Metacon, NFT.NYC (2023 and 2024), Toycon Philippines in collaboration with SMART, Crypto Art Week Asia in partnership with Makersplace, Khaleej Times Magazine, Neal Digital Gallery, Artifact (Athens), Primer Music Festival 2023, artsDAO Fest 2024, and numerous others.
In 2023, MEJ was honored with the Cover Artwork of the Year award at the Sennheiser Musivv Awards, and has been nominated for the Rising NFT Star at the ftNFT awards in 2024. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with notable brands and artists such as Puma, Felipe Pantone, Lamborghini, Bershka, Footlocker, Dropkick, Etisalat, Mercato Mall, and more.
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